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15 Natural Health and Beauty Products You Can Get on Amazon

natural skin care and beauty products amazon

In the past, going to natural food stores or ordering items off of independent websites was the only way to secure safe and natural health and beauty care items that you could trust to be free of toxic ingredients and full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and other substances that your hair, skin, and nails need to survive and thrive. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of artificial cosmetics, and the market is being forced to shift in favor of safe and natural beauty products. While the e-commerce giant Amazon used to be all about books, it is now one of the biggest suppliers of everything under the sun found anywhere in the world, and it has followed the trend toward the popularity of natural products by representing safe and healthy beauty items more and more prominently in its offerings. To help you find out which natural health and beauty products you should buy on Amazon, I've created this list of the top 15 items in this category that you might want to try.

1. Burts Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Original Beeswax with Vitamin E and Peppermint Oil

It's only natural to start this list off with the item that commands the #1 spot in Amazon's Natural Beauty section. Burt's Bees has made a reputation for itself as a fine purveyor of natural goods, and while products by this brand may not be quite "boutiquey" enough for some tastes, they usually don't contain any ingredients that would cause you to do a double take at the wellness aisle of your local food co-op.

This beeswax-based lip balm has peppermint for freshness and vitamin E for soothing lip healing. Among plenty of other natural ingredients, this Burt's Bees balm also contains limonene, which is a citrus derivative that may have anti-cancer benefits.

2. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer Highlighter

The models in J.Crew catalogs use this product by RMS to impart their faces with a bright and natural glow. RMS beauty is widely renowned as one of the best natural makeup brands out there, and their products are so artfully formulated and tastefully packaged that they look more like traditional makeup offerings than items that you'd find at a natural food store. Rose-Marie Swift, who is Gisele Bundchen's makeup artist, founded this independent brand to provide natural and organic options to stylish women who are used to getting the star treatment. One of the notable perks of this product is that it contains centrifuge-pressed coconut oil, which is the highest-quality type of coconut oil available.

3. JUARA Candlenut Body Creme Body Lotion

If you've ever been to Bali, you're probably familiar with the nostalgic smell of candlenuts, which are native to this tropical paradise. If you use CO2 extraction, you can produce oil from this nuts, and candlenut oil is known as a powerful antioxidant that doesn't leave a layer of grease or oil on your skin. It's also high in the fatty acids that your skin needs to heal itself, and this candlenut body cream contains other fatty acid-rich ingredients like avocado oil, illipe butter, and rice bran oil. While anyone can use this body cream for any reason, it is especially good for relieving the uncomfortable symptoms of dry skin.

4. Captain Blankenship - Organic Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

This offering from Captain Blankenship has a particular purpose in mind: suffusing your hair and scalp with the sensation that you just left the beach. When you put on a couple of sprays of this substance, the people around you will also be able to bask in your fresh beach scent. This light and natural hair spray contains organic sea kelp extract, which contains tons of beneficial minerals. It also contains rose, geranium, and palmarosa essential oils, which add the scents of coastal flowers into your hair's allure. Best of all, this natural product contains zero GMOs and is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free. As an extra bonus, it comes in a super-cool bright blue bottle.


5. Epsoak Epsom Salt 19lbs Magnesium Sulfate USP Resealable Bulk Bag

The only thing better than Epsom salt is Epsom salt in bulk. In this regard, Epsoak delivers in spades. This 19-pound bag is something that you'd only expect to find on an e-commerce retailer like Amazon, and it is entirely free from any ingredients other than pure magnesium sulfate. Everyone knows that Epsom salt is good for getting over muscle pain, and that's why athletes use it in baths when they're feeling sore. However, this form of magnesium is good for everyone regardless of their levels of physical activity; magnesium is the second most prevalent mineral in the body, and magnesium deficiency leaves you much more open to all sorts of different types of diseases.

6. BUTTERelixir 100% All Natural Face Oil

BUTTERelixir is one of those products that you might take a first look at and not quite understand what's going on. This tiny 1 oz. bottle contains a thick, yellowish liquid that looks a lot like melted butter. While you might originally be reticent to put a product with butter in its name on your skin, you should keep in mind that renowned makeup artist Tom Pecheux uses BUTTERelixir on the likes of Gigi Hadid and Freja Beha Erichsen. This elixir is highly concentrated, which means that just a few drops will be enough to cover your entire face. On the other hand, you might want to apply BUTTERelixir liberally and relish the sensation of rosehips, apricots, and argan oil soaking into your skin.

7. Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

This affordable option from Burt's Bees also ranks highly in Amazon's natural beauty bestsellers. Burt's Bees has specifically designed it for moms who are recovering from childbirth, and it features a perfectly balanced mix of shea butter and vitamin E. Mama Bee Belly Butter comes in a wide tin with a large top, which makes it easy to dip your fingers deep into soothing, creamy lotion while you're juggling a baby or two. It doesn't have any fragrances, and it contains jojoba oil to aid in the healing process. Burt's Bees lists this product as being 99% natural, and you can count on the fact that none of the artificial ingredients in this product will be phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS.

8. Weleda Skin Food

If you're under the impression that skin doesn't eat, you might be proven wrong by Weleda Skin Food. Despite this product's low price tag, it is used the world over by renowned makeup artists who rely on it to buff out dry areas of skin and create a smooth base for applying makeup. Even if you're not a makeup aficionado, you'll love the fact that this product only contains natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, beeswax, rosemary leaf extract, and calendula extract. In fact, Weleda Skin Food's ingredients list is so packed with beneficial, natural ingredients that you might not need any other products to even out and moisturize your skin.

9. Pai Skin Care Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Most cleansers don't go out of their way to be extra gentle to your skin, but this offering from Pai Skincare is the exception. If you feel like you have sensitive skin, it's more likely that the artificial ingredients in the products that you use are causing you to feel like your skin is overly sensitive. If you switch over to a natural cleanser, you might find that your skin will rebound to the point that you'll be able to use the makeup products that you once loved. This hydrating cleanser might be just the tool you need to get there.

natural skin cleanser amazon

10. ILIA Beauty Tinted Womens Lipstick

You shouldn't have to skimp on makeup just because you're a vegan or you love natural ingredients. The folks at ILIA Beauty feel the same way, which is why they created this line of tinted lipstick. Whether you choose Arabian Nights, Bang Bang, or Blossom Lady as your color of choice, you'll be pleased to note that this lipstick line lays down smooth without leaving your lips with any lingering regrets. Plus, these lipsticks come in tubes that would look right at home next to the biggest name-brand giants.

11. EcoTools Retractable Kabuki

Having lots of organic makeup products is great, but you'll also need to stock up on all-natural application tools if you want to make sure that your fashion choices won't hurt your body or your environment. While not many people are part of traditional Japanese theater groups, having a kabuki brush or two on hand can be helpful in a variety of different beauty situations, and this brush by EcoTools uses synthetic bristles to ensure that the process of bringing you the beauty tools you need didn't harm any animals. Plus, the packaging for this product is 100 percent recycled.

12. Garden Botanika Heart Eau De Parfum

Perfume is a tough one for women who are aware of the ins and outs of the beauty industry. Smelling great is a common goal among fashionable ladies, but most perfumes are loaded with toxic ingredients that might not even be listed on the ingredients label. However, companies like Garden Botanika have stepped up to fill the gap between today's conscious consumers and the sleepwalking, profit-seeking habits of contemporary cosmetics manufacturers. Heart Eau De Parfum doesn't contain any toxic ingredients, but it does contain essences of gardenia, jasmine, rose, and orange, and it throws hints of orange, cedar, and cardamom into the mix to seal the deal.

rose-perfume-natural- amazon

13. EcoTools Cruelty-Free Eco Foam Sponge Duo

Foam sponges are the standbys of makeup appliers around the world. However, if you have a latex allergy or you're conscious of the impact of these sponges on the environment, it might seem like you're out of luck. EcoTools makes this pair of fruity-looking sponges to make sure that eco-conscious makeup fans have an option in their fight to look good without harming anyone else. The larger sponge is great for applying base layers of makeup, and the smaller, lighter colored sponge is used to take care of detail work after you lay the foundation.

14. EO Botanical Hand Sanitizer Gel

Many of us rely on hand sanitizer to make sure that we are free from germs and avoid passing illnesses on to others. However, we've also read horror stories about the ingredients that mainstream hand sanitizer manufacturers include in their formulations. Thankfully, EO creates a hand sanitizer that has all of the good stuff and none of the bad; everything in this bottle is organic down to the ethanol. While most hand sanitizers leave your hands high and dry or covered with sticky, icky moisturizers, EO Botanical Hand Sanitizer Gel contains all-natural jojoba oil to soothe your skin after it has completed its sanitizing work.

15. MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid Tint SPF 50

Confronted with the parabens and other ingredients that conventional sunscreen manufacturers include in their products, many people have given up on sunscreen altogether. However, MyChelle creates a sunscreen that gives you 50 SPF protection without loading your skin with potentially carcinogenic ingredients. The main ingredient in Sun Shield is zinc oxide, which human beings tolerate well when they apply it topically. This sunscreen also gives your skin a minor tint, and it goes on smooth without leaving behind any icky residue. Best of all, you have your choice between two different tints that will match your skin color.

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