Fighting Dark Circles and Puffiness Under Your Eyes

Dark circles and bags under your eyes are a problem that you share with many different women of all ages. Thankfully, there are many different remedies that you can try which reduce the appearance of this condition.

Double Up On Pillows

This is a very underrated yet effective way to fight dark circles under your eyes. If you lay your head on a stack of two pillows instead of simply one, this can stop blood from pooling under your eyes. Dark circles under your eyes are usually caused by poor blood flow in that region. 


Cold Compress

Another related remedy to pillows is a cold compress. This is best done in the morning when you first wake up and your eyes are the puffiest. This can reduce the amount of blood pooling under your eyes, and in turn reduce the darkness of the under eye circles.

Eye Cream With Caffeine

Many eye creams produced specifically for those who want to get rid of bags under eyes feature caffeine as one of the active ingredients. The effects of caffeine are similar to that of a cold compress. It'll keep the blood from pooling under your eyes, and in turn reduce the darkness of the circles. 

Arnica Based Cream

Arnica-based creams are a relatively new development in the effort to get rid of bags under eyes. They are commonly found in health food stores and on the internet. Arnica is reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce both the bagginess and the dark circles. 


Eye Cream With Green Tea

Green tea is a popular and delicious drink. Now people are starting to discover the many different health benefits of green tea. That green tea paste eye cream is known to strengthen capillary walls and reduce inflammation. Many people have seen excellent results from using eye creams with green tea ingredients.

Eye Cream with Grape Seed Oil

Eye cream with grape seed oil has similar effects on many people as a cream with green tea. Many women like to use skin products with natural ingredients because there are fewer negative side effects. A cream with grape seed oil is certainly worth a try if you are trying to reduce the inflammation and bagginess under your eyes.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is known for having many different health benefits, as well as being delicious. Specifically, the flavonols in dark chocolate can improve blood flow which will, in turn, improve the appearance of the skin under your eyes. 



Everyone has heard about the Omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon. Omega-3 acids have a wide variety of different health benefits. One of the health benefits is reducing inflammation and improving blood flow. Eating a fair amount of salmon will actually help with the health of your whole body, not just the dark circles under your eyes. 


Walnuts, as with salmon, have a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. The concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids is actually higher in walnuts than in salmon. Thus, you do not need to eat as many walnuts to see an appreciable effect. A certain amount of nuts should be a part of a healthy balanced diet, and will improve your health in many ways.

Vitamin C Serum

Women who have dark circles under their eyes caused by thin skin can also find relief with a Vitamin C skin care product. Some women prefer this to a retinol-based product because it is natural. 

vitamin c serum fights dark circles


Some dark circles are caused or at least aggravated by allergies. If this is the case, topical or oral antihistamines should be an important part of your fight against dark circles and bagginess. If your dark circles are completely caused by allergies, antihistamines may completely get rid of them. If they are simply aggravated by allergies, these antihistamines only reduce the appearance.

Retinol Cream

Most cases of chronic dark circles and bagginess are caused by thin skin. The best way to combat this is to use a product that builds collagen. Retinol cream is known to be effective in this regard. A small number of women may have side effects such as irritation and redness, but this is relatively rare.

There are many different ways that you can fight against the dark circles and bagginess under your eyes. You may find that just one of these methods has a significant positive effect. However, most women will use several of the methods described above in combination for the best results. You may need to go through a period of trial-and-error to find the regimen that can minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes effectively.

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