How to Get Glowing and Crystal Clear Even Toned Skin

how to keep you skin clear and glowing

It's natural to want the glowing skin that you had naturally in your youth all throughout your life. However, aging reduces your skin's robustness and elasticity, and acne can strike far into your adult years. There are plenty of other factors that can reduce your skin's health and glow, but there are ways that you can make your skin look young and healthy at any age. In this article, I'll share with you six of my top tips for fixing your skin's tone, making it glow, and getting rid of any issues that might be clogging your pores or causing pimples.

1. Improve Skin Moisture

One of the best ways to get the healthy skin that you want is to make sure that your skin has the moisture that it needs. When your skin is dry, it has less oil than it should, and dry skin can also become dehydrated, which is a condition that occurs when there is less water in your skin than is normal. When your skin is dry, it is more prone to inflammation, which means that it can become red and irritated. Plus, dry skin is a perfect breeding ground for acne, and if your skin remains dry for an extended period, it's likely that you will develop wrinkles faster than you would otherwise.

On every front, dry skin gets in-between you and your dream of having perfect skin. When faced with dry skin, many people think that using moisturizers is the way to go. While it's true that moisturizers will add moisture to your skin in the short term, over a longer period of time, these cosmetic products actually contribute to skin dryness. If you stop using your moisturizer, your skin might become drier than it ever was before.

Therefore, you should use more natural methods to combat your dry skin. For starters, you can try to get more sleep at night; lack of sleep reduces your health in general, and one of the first signs that you aren't getting enough sleep is skin dryness. You can also try to stay out of the cold during the winter since wintery conditions make dry skin worse. A natural diet that's full of fresh foods is another factor that can return moistness to your skin, and you can also pursue safe cosmetic treatments to help your skin get over its dry spell.

For instance, scientific research has indicated that topical serums that contain vitamin C have the power to reduce the levels of free radicals in your skin. With free radicals out of the picture, your skin has the resources it needs to heal itself and maintain natural moisture levels. If you decide that you aren't ready to ditch your moisturizer altogether, you can follow your serum up with a light and natural moisturizing lotion that doesn't contain any unnatural or toxic ingredients.

topical vitamin c serum for acne

2. Defeat Acne with Natural Substances

If you've ever suffered from acne, you know that overcoming this difficult skin condition is one of the desires that people who want clear and healthy skin hold most dear. Whether you're suffering from a few blackheads on your nose or full-on cystic acne all across your face, getting rid of this condition is probably one of your biggest concerns, and you may be tempted to pay dearly for a solution.

When you first started to notice pimples or clogged pores on your skin, it's likely that you turned to the internet for help. It's also possible that you'd seen advertisements for acne medications that you decided you wanted to give a try. However, after using over-the-counter medications like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, you may have noticed that your acne actually got worse. That's because these potentially dangerous substances dry out your skin and irritate it, which will only cause your acne to become more severe. Manufacturers have designed these substances around the common assumption that acne is a bacterial infection, but it might actually be the case that this condition has an inflammatory origin. If true, any supposed treatment that increases inflammation would run counter to the purpose of clearing up your acne.

If you're truly desperate, you might be tempted to try isotretinoin, which manufacturers sell under the name Accutane. Isotretinoin is a retinoid, which means that it is similar in composition to vitamin A. Scientific research has shown that vitamin A can be dangerous when ingested or applied topically, and Accutane takes these potential dangers to a whole new level. This drug wipes out your gut flora, which can cause issues like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It can also cause depression, and it can severely damage your liver and kidneys.

Thankfully, there are natural ways that you can reduce the effects of acne without resorting to chemical treatments. For instance, the hemp derivative CBD shows promise as a safe and novel acne drug, and natural substances like vitamin C that reduce the levels of free radicals in your system may also help you cure your acne issues at their source. The most important thing to keep in mind as you take steps to clear your acne and restore your skin's clarity and glow is that your skin is a delicate, living organism. It doesn't take well to caustic chemical treatments, but it responds positively to delicate pampering and natural remedies.

3. Restore Your Skins Collagen and Elastin Levels

As you age, you'll notice that your skin will lose its fresh and youthful appearance. This is a natural part of the aging process, and it is largely due to your body's decreased production of two vital components of skin health: elastin and collagen. As the name implies, elastin helps your skin remain elastic and tight, and collagen keeps your skin plump and full. Even if you have the clearest skin in the world with an even tone all around, it's all for naught if your face is saggy and devoid of plumpness.

There are a number of quick and simple things that you can do to improve your elastin and collagen levels. Of course, observing a better diet that's full of fresh foods and lacking in processed meals will help your body produce more of these vital proteins. Getting more sleep and exercise helps too, but you may want to explore options beyond the purely nutritional and lifestyle-based if you're intent on doing everything you can to reproducing your skin's original vim and vigor.

For instance, there are two simple and natural ingredients that you can apply to your face that might improve your elastin and collagen levels. The first is vitamin C, which we've already touched on as being a potent antioxidant that wipes out the free radicals that are keeping your skin from making the compounds it needs to thrive. The other is botanical hyaluronic acid, which your body uses to lubricate your joints and eye sockets. This substance also keeps your skin firm and supple, and manufacturers of botanical hyaluronic acid derive this ingredient from plant-based sources that are safe to use even if you're vegan.

If you're serious about improving your collagen and elastin levels, you should shy away from products that contain artificial ingredients. You don't want to regain smooth and healthy skin only to give up some other critical aspect of your health that dangerous artificial components rob so frequently.

botanical hyaluronic acid serum for glowing skin

4. Remove Dead Skin and Up Your Cell Production

Most people would define their skin's glow as its bright and youthful complexion. High cell turnover rate, which is the hallmark of youth, is the main cause of this type of complexion, and when this turnover rate slows as you age, you may notice your skin becoming duller. However, even if your body is resisting the process of getting rid of dead skin cells and creating new ones, you can jumpstart this critical function without having to resort to dangerous or costly dermatological treatments.

First, you can use basic exfoliants to remove dead skin cells from your top layer of skin. Whether you use beauty tools or cosmetic solutions to remove this dead skin doesn't matter; just make sure not to overly disturb your skin with abrasive treatments or rough skin tools. If you find that this first line of defense isn't enough to achieve the skin glow you're looking for, you might want to try antioxidant topicals like vitamin C. By removing free radicals from your skin, vitamin C can help your body restore its normative skin cell turnover process.

Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient that's helpful in this process, which is a critical compound that naturally occurs in your skin. However, levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin naturally drop off as you age, which means that you might want to use a topical product that contains this ingredient if bright, glowing skin is your goal.

5. Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation to Produce an Even Tone

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which certain parts of your skin become more pigmented than the rest of your skin. This condition can occur for a number of different reasons, and it usually consists of dark blotches spread across your face. Hyperpigmentation occurs when particular areas of your skin have excessive amounts of melanin, and common causes of this condition include sun damage, injury, or acne.

We're all familiar with the type of hyperpigmentation that is caused by injuries; before serious cuts become scars, they go through a phase of looking purplish and dark. Experts usually call the type of hyperpigmentation that acne causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation because it is a direct result of the inflammation associated with acne.

Hyperpigmentation usually clears up in time, but the healing process might take too long for some people who can't stand staring at their dark spots in the mirror for one more day. If you're looking for solutions to your hyperpigmentation that will start working immediately, you might want to try topical treatments that are full of antioxidants. The underlying cause of hyperpigmentation is usually inflammation, and antioxidants reduce inflammation wherever you apply them on your body. Once you eliminate the inflammation associated with hyperpigmentation, your skin will be able to heal itself at an accelerated rate, which means that you can achieve the even tone that you're looking for earlier than you ever expected.

healthy diet clear and glowing skin

6. Improve Your Diet

As I've touched on at numerous points within this article, improving your diet is one of the best ways to increase your skin's overall health and well-being. Many of the staples that we take for granted in Western society are actually quite bad for you, and eliminating these foods can help us feel better and look younger.

For instance, sugar has a significantly negative impact on your skin, and consuming alcohol can also harm your skin's health. In general, you should avoid any foods that have been heavily processed or genetically modified. While agribusiness giants would have us believe that GMOs pose no threat to human health, there is no scientific consensus on GMO safety, and there's reason to believe that these "frankenfoods" do indeed harm your gut.

For centuries, people have linked gut health to skin health, and we're now starting to understand just how big of an impact probiotics can have on your skin. Eating lots of foods that are high in probiotics, such as yogurt, can give your gut the tools it needs to keep your skin and the rest of your body healthy. Make sure that you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables since these foods contain all of the vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy. Lastly, to protect yourself and the environment, choose foods that were produced with organic processes whenever possible.

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