Why Buying Skin Care Products Made In USA is Important?

Stimulate the Domestic Economy

In the era of globalism, American consumers are encouraged to buy products that are made in other countries. For decades, people in America have been assured that the days of domestic manufacturing are over and that the United States economy is on a one-way track to becoming entirely service-based. We have been assured that this transformation of economic paradigms will not harm the quality of life in America and that, in fact, quality of life will increase as the rest of the world is brought up to the level of American exceptionalism that has been the cornerstone of the global economy for decades.

However, the premise of globalism was either flawed from the start, or something happened along the way that threw a wrench in the works of a well-laid plan. All that we know for sure is that other foreign powers took our good-natured attempts to level the playing field as a sign of weakness, and instead of becoming our allies, they have become competitors who seek to utterly supplant American economic dominance.


As other countries have become rich and powerful, the American economy has stagnated. A group of international elites has profited immensely from exporting their corporate manufacturing apparatus to the third world where they can procure labor for a fraction of the cost that it demands in the United States. Some consumers may see this trend as a call to purchase products made by American brands, but in most cases, the big American brands have outsourced their production overseas.

Therefore, one of the only ways that you can bolster the American economy is to purchase skin care products that are made by small companies. The American economy has always been built on the backs of aspiring entrepreneurs who have taken on the risks of starting their own businesses to improve the lives of those in their communities.

When you buy skin care products that are made in America, you enable small cosmetics manufacturers to buy more ingredients from USA companies, hire more domestic employees, and purchase more products in their personal lives. The effects of a single transaction with a USA-based skin care company can have wide-reaching effects, and as more and more people make the decision to buy American, the USA's gradual progress back to universal prosperity becomes assured.

The Danger of Foreign Goods

The two major power blocs who have attempted to sabotage the American economy are China and the European Union (EU). While the EU has instated cosmetics policies that are, in some cases, decades ahead of their American counterparts, this densely interconnected group of European countries has also imposed trade barriers in the form of heavy tariffs that make it very hard for American small businesses to do business in the European Union.

Skin care products that are made in the EU may actually be, on average, of higher quality than products made in the USA due to the European Union's strict laws against parabens, BHA, and other dangerous ingredients, they are much more expensive than American-made products due to the EU's restrictive trade policies. Plus, buying products from companies that are based in the EU does nothing to stimulate the American economy.

The China Threat

While the issues surrounding EU-made skin care products are relatively serious, they pale in comparison to the threat posed by Chinese cosmetics. Not only is China the most aggressive of America's economic competitors, but companies in China also produce products that are so bad that they might kill you.

Ever since China was added to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, this country has engaged in an all-out campaign to become the world's sole manufacturing powerhouse. Chinese companies have pressured American manufacturers to move their factories to China with promises of incredibly low labor costs, and Chinese eCommerce giants like Alibaba have made it possible for state-run Chinese companies to sell their products directly to American consumers.

If the only implications of China's rising dominance in the manufacturing sphere were economic in nature, that would be bad enough. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the American trade deficit with China was at least $375 million in 2017, and some estimates place that number much higher. This figure entails that Chinese companies made much more than their American counterparts in trade deals, which essentially means that American consumers transferred their wealth to China. If 2017 was some kind of statistical anomaly, perhaps this trade inequality could be forgiven. However, American trade deficits with China of at least $250 million have been the norm for the last decade.


These numbers show that engaging in trade with China directly harms the American economy in a big way. If neither country had a trade deficit, then doing business with China wouldn't be a problem; after all, unrestricted trade is the hallmark of our global capitalistic society. However, trade practices that seriously harm our domestic economy while building the economy of a competing nation have no place in the free market, which is reason enough to choose American-made over Chinese-made goods whenever possible.

However, at the same time that Chinese companies seem to be intent on harming Americans economically, they also seem to want to damage the fabric of the United States with substandard products. While it may be hard for many Americans to believe, some skin care products that have been produced by Chinese companies contain toxic ingredients like arsenic, aluminum, lead, and even cyanide. Incredibly, some Chinese cosmetic products even contain rat droppings and pure human urine.


While urea, which is derived from urine, is a common ingredient in skin care products, any skin care manufacturer worth their salt knows that pure urine has no place in products that are meant to come in contact with human skin. The presence of rat droppings in Chinese cosmetics can only be attributed to substandard manufacturing conditions, which should come as no surprise given the fact that some Chinese factories are so hellish that corporations have been forced to install "suicide nets" to prevent workers from taking their own lives by leaping from their dormitory windows.

It should be noted that these uncommonly dangerous ingredients have only been found in counterfeit Chinese cosmetics that are designed to impersonate real Western skin care products. Even though many American skin care manufacturers have fallen for the temptation of making their products for a fraction of the cost, no genuine Western cosmetics that just happen to have been made in China have tested positive for arsenic, cyanide, lead, or urine.

Big Business Blues

However, the same manufacturers that choose to make their products in China are those that commonly choose to include potentially dangerous preservatives and other ingredients in their products. For instance, despite the fact that toxic ingredients like parabens, BHA, and sodium lauryl sulfate have been banned in the EU and are commonly understood to cause skin damage and harm your endocrine system, many lower-tier corporate-made skin care products still contain these or equivalently dangerous substances.

While there are some exceptions, smaller businesses usually make more of an effort than large corporations to produce safe and high-quality products. One of the factors that supports this trend is the fact that small companies have to compete to expand their tiny slices of the market share while large corporations battle with each other to defend their existing customer bases. Also, smaller businesses have yet to be corrupted by the profit-driven expediencies of the boardroom, and they may still retain the commitment to value that drove them into business in the first place.

Beyond simple divisions such as country of origin, the ethical structures of the various skin care companies at your disposal should also be deciding factors in your search for safe skin care products. While the Internet has largely disrupted the centrality of the local economy in purchasing decisions, you can still make choices while shopping online that work to support yourself and the people that you care about.

As you look for a skin care company that fits your needs, take the time to ask yourself what each prospective company has done to make your life better. If a company has abandoned the domestic economy to support workers overseas or if they have a track record of including toxic ingredients in their products, you should give your business to a small, all-American company that treats its workers ethically and makes purchasing decisions that support the domestic economy.

Quality You Can Trust

America has long led the way in the quest to develop innovations that improve human life. From the telephone to the refrigerator to the airplane, American innovators have created entire industries that now employ and enrich millions of people worldwide. American skin care products are also respected for their quality and efficacy, and the stamp "Made in the USA" continues to ensure consumers that they are purchasing products that are designed well and produced ethically.

While many foreigners may know America primarily by its international corporations, Americans themselves have always relied on small businesses to provide them with the products that they need. Most companies that have risen to excellence in the American economy began as tiny, family-owned businesses, and it was by providing generations of customers with products that impressed them and satisfied their needs that they achieved their positions of prestige and prominence.


Today, America still supports the entrepreneurial spirit that once made its manufacturing power the envy of the world. In America, anyone can start from the gutter and rise to the penthouse with the right determination and spirit despite a prevalent ideology that dictates that people must be assigned a social class based on their race or beliefs. Though large corporations based in the United States may seem to have gained an unshakeable domination over the highest echelons of commerce both at home and abroad, these companies are constantly in fear of the dream of innovation that once propelled them to their place among the clouds.

In China and the European Union, on the other hand, the state has a hand in practically all of the business dealings within its territory, and this state power perpetually pushes down on any attempts to disrupt the established order. Companies in these nations ultimately report to an unaccountable core of bureaucrats who decide which products will succeed and which will fail.

When you make the choice to buy products that are made in the United States, not only do you defend the domestic economy and help communities across the nation thrive and prosper, but you also contribute to a trend of resistance against state-dominated commerce, which only serves to enrich the elite to the detriment of the common people. By supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that has always made America great, you shore up the principles of free enterprise and have produced the best skin care products that the world has ever known and that are guaranteed to be safe and healthy for your skin.

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