Eyebrow Microblading

I am writing this article to inform you about the exciting and convenient process for microblading your eyebrows. This piece will dispel any misconceptions you may have and provide you with accurate information on what to expect when you get this treatment.

Eyebrow microblading should always be done by a certified esthetician. There are many estheticians that actually specialize in microblading techniques, and you should make sure to ask questions to make sure they have plenty of experience. That being said, you do not need to be too worried about these semi-permanent part of the process. Keep in mind that these tiny semi-tattoos will be within your natural brows, so they will not be very noticeable. This is actually what makes them look so natural in the first place.

Microblading can certainly help women who simply want to shape or fill in their brows, but it can also help women in other situations as well. Many blonde women have very faint eyebrows that are almost identical to their skin tone. Microblading can help create realistic-looking brows that are also more noticeable and attractive. Even women who have a medical condition such as alopecia that causes them to lose their hair can have eyebrows microbladed on that will look as good or better than their natural brows. This wide range of uses is part of what has made microblading so popular for eyebrow design.

Before actually beginning to apply the ink, the esthetician will create a custom color that will match your natural brows and look good on your skin. This carefully designed custom color also helps their brows appear thicker and fuller.

The very first part of the process, before the esthetician even creates the ink, is a conversation between yourself and them where you tell them exactly what your needs and desires are. Eyebrow microblading is a powerful and versatile procedure that can achieve nearly any desired results when applied by a skilled practitioner. Don't be shy in telling the esthetician exactly what you're looking for with your brows. Once you have told them exactly what you're looking for, they will use a pen to outline your brows and create the shape that you and them have decided on.

After you have checked the shape drawn into your eyebrows by the esthetician, it is time for the actual microblading process to begin. Keep in mind that it is not totally permanent like a normal tattoo. It was only semi-permanent. The tool used ingrains the ink into the skin deeply enough that it will last for a long time, but not as deep as a tattoo gun. This means the ink will not last forever. However, it also means that you can change the shape of your brows if you ever want to do so. This tool is a small handheld implement, which gives the esthetician greater control over the whole process.

A licensed and trained esthetician will be well aware of the importance of keeping everything in a sterile environment. Most of the estheticians who do microblading have rooms that almost look like hospital rooms with regards to their cleanliness and in the equipment used. They generally have a bed that looks like a hospital bed which you will lay down on in preparation for the microblading procedure. The first part of the actual microblading is to create very small shallow cuts throughout both of your brows. This may sound painful. However, the cuts are so shallow and superficial that it is not particularly painful. It may even be totally painless for some people. It depends on the amount of ink you're getting applied to your brows. The feeling is similar to getting your eyebrows threaded.

As you might have guessed, the next step in the process is to actually apply the ink. The ink is gently and scrupulously swabbed on so it is absorbed into the tiny cuts throughout your brows.

Most estheticians will take a break in the middle of the procedure to let you look in the mirror and make sure you like the way everything is going. An experienced microblading professional will be happy to tweak the procedure slightly to make sure you have exactly the brows you are looking for. Once the procedure is over, you can check again to make sure that you like the results. The results of microblading are instant.

Now that you are familiar with the process of microblading, it is important that you educate yourself about the results of the procedure. The results of microblading usually last one to three years, depending on the color you use and on your skin. Many women go in for a touch-up after 12 months, even if their eyebrows still look good. You do get a touch up automatically included in the process after four weeks.

Microbladed eyebrows are very low maintenance. However, you do need to keep your brows dry and avoid sweating profusely for 7 days. Many estheticians will direct their clients to use an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin for the first day after a microblading procedure. After this, it's a common practice to use Vaseline for a week. This will protect the sensitive area while it heals.

If you are interested in looking into microblading after this article, you're not alone. Many women are trying out microblading after hearing about it on the Internet. Most of these women are happy with the results they're seeing from the procedure. These results can be protected and enhanced using natural skin care products like these.

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